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01-28-2013, 08:57 AM
Main thing is we finally have a Cryptic guy working WITH us (PVP crowd) now. Based on the last few patch notes, seems like the tides are starting to turn against the years of PVP neglect.

Granted, they will make mistakes here and there, but lets make sure we don't kick them for trying or else they might leave like the others before them ( Just messing )

So, lets recap,

FAW - Being worked on as we speak
Tric Mines - Being worked on
Temporal set - Planned for future?
Nerfing Shield Dist DOFF - Complete
Nerfing Borg set - Complete
Making old space sets viable for PVP like Aegis - WIP?
Making Jem Hadar MK XII set more appealing - Waiting for patch to check out
Science abilities rebalanced - Awaiting a good response from Cryptic
Tachyon Mines - Awaiting response

On the whole, I've never seen this many positive steps taken by Cryptic for the PVP element of the game.

Starting to make me believe again

GG Cryptic, keep it up

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