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01-28-2013, 09:09 AM
One thing a can say about the KDF portion of STO is that it's certainly different from what you have experienced so far on the Federation side. Personally, I do much more PvE than PvP actually, I like it better and kind of have more fun playing my KDF despite the lack of Klingon specific content, which as they say will be adressed in the following season. The missions, though, that are purely Klingon are awesome! And there is always the foundry, which has a number of Klingon specific missions that would help you fill the gap.

I encourage you to try it, you'll never know wheather you like it or not if you don't try. When I first installed STO I didn't expect to end up on the Klingon side, but as I said, I find the KDF much nicer and much more fun.
You will get a different perspective on the game, more battle-like aproach with purging fleets of enemy vessels from nebulae in Klingon space, then raiding Pi-Canis or Ferderation Freighters in sector space and you'll have the chance to comandeer unique ships like the Bird of Prey types that are tons of fun, Battlecruisers that can mount DHC and are actually worth playing or Flight-deck cruisers that can have pets or drones, if you're a cruiser man like me. The ability to have the cloak on most of the ships will also offer you a different approach and gaming experience. Oh, I have also seen that probably due to more limited selection of ships, KDF captains tend to really connect with and get to know their ship, which in consequence makes them better at STO, especially space combat, so it may actually help you improve on your game, I know it helped me.

All in all, I'd say it's worth at least to try.
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