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01-28-2013, 10:42 AM
I'm again frustrated with the CS response to my ticket. I tried to buy the Lobi store package with the Q-Pics, but the ambiguity of the name caused me to click on the wrong item. So now I have 10 boxes of the ornaments, which I can't really use to get a Breen ship.

CS's response: Sorry!

I'm quite dissatisfied with the lack of empathy. I'm sorry if a name wasn't clear, all I'm asking for is a replacement (equivalent value) of the 9 remaining Ornament boxes with 9 "Appreciation Bundles" (Why couldn't they just name it Autographed Picture bundles?). Let's see what they respond with... It's probably another "Too bad" response.

EDIT: CS has reimbursed the amount in ZEN for ten lockboxes' worth. I was wrong, the CS in this game does have empathy for the players. Yes, this sounds cheesy, but I'm quite happy about STO's CS over other games, and is actually one of the reasons that I'm still paying and playing. Thanks, Unception.

EDIT II: Still haven't received the reimbursement, even though CS has stated that they checked it twice and they already reimbursed me. They force-closed the ticket. Gee, thanks... looks like I'll have to make up the ZEN.

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