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01-28-2013, 09:49 AM
Tour the universe 1hour 1.7mil +

Borg engines, Raiding Party and Diplomatic Immunity (normally from people around Wolf 359), Purple Astrometrics Doff

After getting the Tour from the chap in the club

Leave Sol space and head for beta Urse

As soon as you transfer to Beta do a quick instance swap and you will be at the far end

From there head up to Orellis and complete there and hang a right into Eta Erandi space
go through EE as quick as you can and head to Omega Leonis and through the Klingon Gate to Borg space

When in Borg space head for the very centre point, by going through the very centre it hits all 4 sections and head straight for Fluidic space

When there you can head back to Sol via transwarp (should be on a 4-5minute timer with a purple astrometrics) - if not just before the tour get the stranded in spae assignment - it takes you just outside of sol for 100ec and reverse to sol

End the tour mission and get it again - repeat every 5 or so minutes for 200k per run