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01-28-2013, 09:50 AM
FAW - Being worked on as we speak
Tric Mines - Being worked on
Temporal set - Planned for future?
Nerfing Shield Dist DOFF - Complete
Nerfing Borg set - Complete
Making old space sets viable for PVP like Aegis - WIP?
Making Jem Hadar MK XII set more appealing - Waiting for patch to check out
Science abilities rebalanced - Awaiting a good response from Cryptic
Tachyon Mines - Awaiting response
FAW = See this thread. Should be fixed, and now will enter a tuning phase.

Tric Mines = Watch Tribble for an update in the near future. Short version: Cooldown reduction, without a DPS modification (less damage per hit/volley, more frequent launches).

Temporal Set = I presume this is regarding Mine interaction? We've been trying to find a way to make Mines not activate if they're in the area affected by the Time Stop bubble. Work in progress.

Aegis Upgrade = Planned to be a part of any Crafting Update we undertake. Don't expect changes until then.

Science Abilities Rebalanced = Ongoing review. Very large task. May come hand-in-hand with Tactical Ability changes. We don't feel like APs should affect Sci abilities, e.g.

Tachyon Mines = Is this regarding the shared cooldown with Tachyon Beam? Fixed internally. Was there additional concern?
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