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01-28-2013, 09:50 AM
Patch Note 1/28/2013

***Released new patch to fix NPC's atacking players at drozana station.***

**Resulting patch has led to the launcher not launching.....SOUND RED ALERT!!!..were out of coffee*

**Coffee supply has been replenished a disaster averted so it is time to fix the problem..if only we could remember what the problem was in the first place, oh well it will come to us...eventually**

**Finally remembered the problem was something to do with the launcher but cant figure out how to fix it...i wonder if anyone got around to feeding the server hamsters last week..hmm*

**Launcher still not working we cant figure out what we did or how to fix it so we should just...blame the players and see if we can talk them into fixing it for us**

***Just found out we forgot to feed server hamsters must go to pet store to get more trained server hamsters to power our servers**

**Players getting angry want progress updates what to do..I KNOW!! we take a nap after we drain our juice boxes**