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01-28-2013, 09:52 AM
Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Captains, as I've mentioned, the team is continuing to investigate. This started occurring before the patch, so it's not related. The reason I'm letting you know that "there are a ton of players in-game" is to provide more transparency on the issue and to let you know that it does not seem to be affecting everyone. There is no ETA I can provide, and I will continue to update you as I receive more information.


Brandon =/\=
Thank you, that is a post that should have happened 30 min. ago.....

The idea that "Tons of people" are in game is even more infuriating though. If you want transparency, maybe tell us what you are doing instead of just saying that they are investigating..... well what are they investigating?

Because right now we are getting the feeling that you have NO IDEA what is going on several hours after the problem first appeared (it is several hours since you said it started before the patch.)

And spending hours investigating, and you still have no idea what the cause is is rather concerning. Where did the $500 I've put into this game go if you can't even figureout what the problem is in a reasonable amount of time?