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Originally Posted by mistressbenihime View Post
1 is a bug and still needs to be fixed..... doesn't mater if you can solve the problem yourself the problem shouldn't exist at all; yes i do know how to fix it it just annoys the crap out of me that i need to

2 i already explained that i happens to me less then 1% of the time its still really annoying when it does. it would be smart if the devs programmed a fails-safe against this.

3 i do keep it clean stuff just should not become unloothable at all for whatever reason and again i repeat to you doesn't mater if you can solve the problem yourself the problem shouldn't exist at all

4 why do i feel like i am constantly need to repeat the same words to you. it not a i get locked out for 60 min QQ! more like while i am locked out i have time to write this and make the game better. there is still something of whit the public que....

5 [sarcasm=on] really i did not know that!![sarcasm=off] i am flying a science captain in a science vessel since February 2010 and stuff still feels off.....(you fill in the dots)

Calm down...

Better now?!?

5) Maybe you've got sometimes a tactical captain in your team, who uses Attack-Pattern Beta and an AoE attack. That way he/she marks all the enemies that he hits and gives them a nice debuff to their damage-resistance (on single targets also fire-on-my-mark). If you stack Sensor-Analysis and/or Sensor-Scan on that, then the enemies blow-up really fast.
First one half of the so called Community complains: "Give us instant access to all veteran rewards, for going lifetime.", then the other half of the same Community complains: "I've earned 1000 Day membership, I want a special reward.".
Stop complaining, if it is enough for you, you could have the "Captains Table" for the real veterans, I don't want access to another dead social zone...