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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
FAW = See this thread. Should be fixed, and now will enter a tuning phase.

Tric Mines = Watch Tribble for an update in the near future. Short version: Cooldown reduction, without a DPS modification (less damage per hit/volley, more frequent launches).

Temporal Set = I presume this is regarding Mine interaction? We've been trying to find a way to make Mines not activate if they're in the area affected by the Time Stop bubble. Work in progress.

Aegis Upgrade = Planned to be a part of any Crafting Update we undertake. Don't expect changes until then.

Science Abilities Rebalanced = Ongoing review. Very large task. May come hand-in-hand with Tactical Ability changes. We don't feel like APs should affect Sci abilities, e.g.

Tachyon Mines = Is this regarding the shared cooldown with Tachyon Beam? Fixed internally. Was there additional concern?
These mines do not do any shield damage. We should keep this in mind. These mines do not appear in the combat log. They apply a negative shield regeneration on the people affected for the duration of the debuff. If every mine does a -700 regeneration per second over 7 mines, you will apply a -4900 shield regeneration on the target, per second. This is per shield facing! So in affect you are stripping off 19600 shields per second, not accounting for the base shield regeneration of your shields.
This debuff will be placed on anyone that is with in the AOE of the mines. Therefore, if placed on the whole team you will be seeing a massive shield loss.

What we haven't seen yet is a team using Gravity Well with 3 x DP3 = 14 mines x 3 = 42 mines = -29400 shield regen and a full Torpedo Spread. That would be 117600 shield loss per second. RSP won't help if they are not shooting at you.

I have been able to get my mines to -840 regen using Flow capacitor boosts.

Insulators should do a bit more against these mines, and maybe shield power level as well. also bort the cd on these mines gets reduced with using a dispersal pattern. that is a bug.