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Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
Oh really? Try putting that build onto a Fleet Science Vessel Retrofit... Oh wait... you cant.
Of course, you'll have to adapt the build to suit your ship. If you bothered to read, it was based on a Wells/Korath-class ship.

I agree with glassguitar's stance on Sci ships. Anyone can build a good ship using the free RALH ship and white Mk X gear. If you're having issues, it's with how your Boff setup/Consoles/Equipment/Spec are conflicting with one another.

Granted, the Vesta may not count as your typical Science ship, but I've been able to squeeze a lot of damage out of her, just by having a good synchronicity with my Boff abilities, console choices, ship equipment, and the ship itself. Glassguitar can attribute to that - I flew with him in Gorn minefield at least thrice, with a bunch of other non-PUG players, and I got first place twice and second place once. It's quite possible to have a good Sci-ship build.

And a "good/bad role" for sci-ships? No such thing, it's all how you use the ship. If you try to fly as an Escort in a Sci ship, you're not going to be a good Escort, because you're not one. Sci ships are a different caliber from other types, and it requires a different style. You have to adapt to the ship to reap the results.

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