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01-28-2013, 11:13 AM
Originally Posted by aestu View Post
I live in Boston and can't connect.

I don't think it's PWE's fault... Boston has just been hit by a 120-megaton thermonuclear weapon.

It's terrible - they're stacking the bodies like planks of wood, they turned our local food court into a triage center, people are walking around with melted faces and horrible radiation burns. There's been a spate of looting and home invasions.

Boston appears to have been the first city hit by a massive surprise attack from the diabolical forces of the European Union. New York should be hit shortly. I would imagine the West Coast should be feeling the burn in a few hours at most.

With all this horribleness going on, I'm glad I just bought a gas generator, an uninterruptable power supply, and satelite internet. I want to unwind from boarding my windows and doors with some Star Trek Online, and it frustrates me that the servers aren't available.

I don't care whether it's because of PWE ineptitude or nuclear war. Fix the problem. Now.
This just made my day. I tip my hat to you, sir. Although let's be honest, you live in a lead's probably your internet connection that's the problem.
Someday we'll dance our little dance to the end.
But not today.
Not today.

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