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I have to kinda disagree on [the Dreadnought being obsolete], even if the Galaxy-X have problems its pretty much the only Federation cruiser that can mount cannons (even if it cannot really use then well due to low tac stations and turn rate) and nothing else come that can replace it.

Also as listed were Zen Shop ships you can freely discharge then as if you own then, you can always reclaim then and there is some merit of then at Fleet version.

I would say the Patrol Escort is the one that been made utter obsolete as the Blockade Runner have better stats that even its Fleet version, were only the BO layout slightly differs but still I rather have 2 Lt. Eng BO stations that 1 Lt. Eng and 1 Lt Sci BO station as the Ens Uni does not make much difference.

Of course the Blockade Runner is part of the Steam pack and you have to buy it on Steam but still, it just outclasses the Patrol Escort.
Yes, but I've seen a bunch of people who are of the opinion that the Dreadnought has been made obsolete by the Vesta. Other than the tanking ability, I'd have to agree, the Vesta has the same abilities (and more - Aux cannons!) and has a better turn rate and shields. Granted, I still fly my Dreadnought as my primary ship, but it's effectively made obsolete in almost everything it was originally made to do.

I agree with the Blockade Runner Retrofit, it's a far superior ship, besting some of the other escorts. I'm still surprised by the potential of this ship.

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