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01-28-2013, 11:19 AM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
FAW = See this thread. Should be fixed, and now will enter a tuning phase.

Tric Mines = Watch Tribble for an update in the near future. Short version: Cooldown reduction, without a DPS modification (less damage per hit/volley, more frequent launches).

Temporal Set = I presume this is regarding Mine interaction? We've been trying to find a way to make Mines not activate if they're in the area affected by the Time Stop bubble. Work in progress.

Aegis Upgrade = Planned to be a part of any Crafting Update we undertake. Don't expect changes until then.

Science Abilities Rebalanced = Ongoing review. Very large task. May come hand-in-hand with Tactical Ability changes. We don't feel like APs should affect Sci abilities, e.g.

Tachyon Mines = Is this regarding the shared cooldown with Tachyon Beam? Fixed internally. Was there additional concern?
faw- good

tric mines- where the frack did this idea come from? the MAJOR issue with tric mines isnt just their issue. its the "one critz they all crit" issue thats plaguing several other abilities as well.

temporal set- the issue of that there is absolutly no soft counters or even hard counters to any othe temporal abilities. "everyone freeze!" cant be resisted/reduced which is a major no-no for the game, and the 3 piece set of cooldown slowdown cant be resisted either.

aegis and several other sets all need a going over, but i have a feeling they wont get anywhere near as much love as the "reputation items" that can be gotten now.

science is very important to this game in pvp, and its very distressing to see you say its a very large task... yet you guys keep adding in things that will make the future balancing of science in this game even more needlessly difficult because of your (not u personally) short sightedness.

its good that tachyon mines will be fixed* yet again (even though patch notes said it was fixed a couple weeks ago) but the issue hes probably speaking of is the insane "damage" they can do that cant be resisted very well/if at all.
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Frankly, I think the only sound advice that one can give new players at this time is to stay away from PVP in STO.
Science pvp at its best-
Do you even Science Bro?