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01-28-2013, 11:19 AM
Originally Posted by daveyny View Post
In a Perfect World... sometimes 2+2 Does Not = 4.
It would seem my Calculator needs adjusting.

Originally Posted by hornviech View Post
for that I would like to have a Dominion with the Escort Carrier in it for compensation !

I already opened several of these Boxes and I only got junk !
Hah! Count yourself lucky. I must have opened 150odd boxes (if not more) with the same result as you, luckily I'd saved up enough Lobi from the past that I was able to purchase the Dreadnought from the Lobi Store, sell it on the Exchange and buy an Escort from my winnings.

I can say without a shadow of a doubt the money I put into that is the last ever. Wasted far too much on boxes for that Escort, and besides, I can't see myself wanting any other alien ships. The Cardassian, Breen and Jem Hadar ships ought to be enough for me.

Originally Posted by maddog0000doom View Post
whats team viewer? never heard of it never used it. its not the problem
Same, I've never heard of team viewer either. This being the case (for both of us; maybe more) I doubt such a software problem is our problem.

Originally Posted by ravynknight View Post
i opened about 300 boxes and got a bunch of other stuff but no ship i would like a heavy escort carrier as well! i think its stupid that you make us spend so much on keys and don't even offer up an increasing chance relative to how many boxes you opened.. its absolutely ludicrous what it takes to get one of those..
Whilst I can appreciate how annoyed you might be, you can't blame Cryptic for their lock boxes. Truth be told, they aren't forcing you to put money toward those keys. It's by your choice and greed for an alien ship (a ship that is equally on par with some FED ships anyway). Fact is, it's a random gamble. Doesn't always work in our favour. I've got two lock box ships (and the Chel Grett). These will do me just fine.