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01-28-2013, 11:27 AM
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its good that tachyon mines will be fixed* yet again (even though patch notes said it was fixed a couple weeks ago) but the issue hes probably speaking of is the insane "damage" they can do that cant be resisted very well/if at all.
they cant be, you get hit by a 7 sec debuff. that means no sheild regen for you. that also means its very hard to heal up your sheilds. also that means 1 volley and you have no sheilds. that also means i use a dp make 7 mines and i get to do it again 12 secs later. dp loves to reduce cd with these mines. i wonder if thats due to not able to have 2 of these mines? these mines really need to just be deleted. i dont mind losing rl$ in the process. for anyone that thinks these mines arent so bad just go into the hive with just 1 guy using dp1. what what happeneds to all the tact cubes and then the queen. heck just go into ka space elite and watch what it does to the boss.