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09-16-2009, 07:08 PM
Originally Posted by Fractal_Eye
I play Eve atm, so I'm all for a skill based system (makes it easier for me to transition lol). However, I've long since tired of the time based learning of the skills in Eve. It was fun at first, but now, at the 30 million SP mark, it takes me a week to two weeks to level up just one level (true, I'm learning the capital skills atm, but you know lol). Okay, enough of the background, I guess my two questions are:

1) If we change our focus (say from Tactical to Engineering) will we start at the Lieutenant skill level for the new 'branch'?

2) I like the usage of skill points and allocating them to where I want over the time based Eve model. I'm not looking to get a 'max' character quickly, but I'm hoping it's not set up as a 'grind fest' for the skill points either. I guess Is it more of a 'play more, get skill points quicker' setup?

Sorry if these questions are covered in your news article (I had a question I was going to ask, then re-read the article and you had answered it lol); if they are, I will /facepalm myself happily. Thanks for the time! (Also, any chance we could see some of these skill lists? :begbegbeg
im pretty sure you wont be able to change from Tact to Engineering. They are your class (its like going from Paladin to Mage. im pretty sure Blizzard doesn't offer paid class changes yet...)