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Hello, Trek fans! Or at least I'm assuming a vast majority playing STO are. I've searched the good old internet a few years ago for a Star Trek MMO, or something along those lines, for a very long time. One that was different. Not a typical style of playing. After days of searching I had finally found it.

It's an old style of playing a game. PBEM = play by email. It's odd at first but when you get used to it gets pretty easy and entertaining.

The particular PBEM I'm talking about is 'Star Trek Borderlands.'

I've been playing for almost three years and have found it quite a good place to play especially if you're a writer and a Star Trek fan.

'Borderlands' spans multiple places called 'Duty Stations.' Me? I'm currently stationed at Starbase Horizon. I play two characters. CPT Jarrod Dells and 2LT Vance Sellers. Both men are marines on Horizon.

If anybody is interested here's the link to the main Star Trek Borderlands site:

Also, if anybody is interested in Starbase Horizon, here's the link to that DS:

Honestly, it's a good chance to be a part of the Star Trek universe and helps with your writing skills. Everybody I've talked to and have written with are all a great group of people and are always coming up with ideas and storylines.

Thanks for taking time out of your day and reading this. I hope to see a few walking amongst the corridors of Horizon. Who knows. Maybe you'll even get drunk with Dells or Sellers!!!! Everyone knows the Marines throw the best parties!