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01-28-2013, 11:43 AM
Originally Posted by torsten1009 View Post
Calm down...

Better now?!?

5) Maybe you've got sometimes a tactical captain in your team, who uses Attack-Pattern Beta and an AoE attack. That way he/she marks all the enemies that he hits and gives them a nice debuff to their damage-resistance (on single targets also fire-on-my-mark). If you stack Sensor-Analysis and/or Sensor-Scan on that, then the enemies blow-up really fast.
yea i am calm already. your first post kind of made me look like an idiot and i don't like when people do that.

i was more talking about a me vs. 3-5 probes/spheres (usually not during elite STF.) or other occurrences where i am the only person damaging the target(s). sometimes that just seems to go much better than it should (considering circumstances) and sometimes i am like am i firing blanks or something? most times it feels right but sometimes DPS just feels off....
when whit the group i usually set up a gravity well to let the rest of the group go ahead whit fire at will/torpedo spread/scatter volley while they are packed together so nicely...
the situation you describe is a fine tuned group that brings a tactical cube down in the blink of an eye

on the looth front though i never had those problems playing WoW. there was always a way to re-enter the instance whitin a limited time or dump something and pick up the item after. so if blizz can do it why cant crypic?
accently exiting the instance because your attention is whit your phone that's ringing instead of the game can happen. but is so annoying to realize you did the the whole instance for nothing because of it...
First of all it's not even a crafting system! It's just a dumb game system that's nothing more than a glorified slots machine.
second the "special items" you hope will be the saving the saving grace are messed up to.