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Alright guys, as many of your know there's a lot of maps in the Foundry that are basically useless because they're so tiered, you really can't place objects in certain places on a horizontal map and be sure you're getting it where it needs to go vertically.

When the Foundry first launched, the way around this was to use the /LOC command line to get the exact placement of where you were standing so you could put your objects in the right place.

Well then someone decided to change all the Foundry measurements to something else, making /LOC entirely useless unless converted with math. What I'm trying to figure out is, what do I need to divide by to get the appropriate number here?

And Foundry devs, why can't we get this functionality built into the Foundry itself so we don't HAVE to do this? Without it, there are SEVERAL maps that are damn near impossible to build on.
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