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09-16-2009, 08:12 PM
"Star Trek Online is a skill-based game, meaning the experience you receive for completing missions and finishing episodes awards you skill points, which you use to directly improve the skills available to you."

Does this imply that the only means of gaining "XP" (as we know it in a traditional MMO) will be by completing missions/episodes? Or will XP be gained by both completing missions/episodes and killing mobs? Would that XP accrue in both space and ground combat? And what about exploration, could a person accrue XP by, just as one example, first discovering a new alien race or planet? While I think doing missions/episodes would be really fun, by no means would I want to be forced to do episodes/missions just to advance in skills and rank if I'm having a good time doing something else atm. So having the ability to gain XP through pvp, exploration, and missions/episodes would be really cool. Heck, even throw in a couple other things if you feel like it too! You don't have to make it easy, but giving us a few different ways of accruing XP will, imo, provide us with more options and make for good gameplay.

How does level progression effect your BOs? Do they ding when you ding, or at a slower or faster pace? Will it operate like an XP penalty? Such as, by reducing the amount of XP your main character gets, by dividing it up amongst the BOs you're currently using when you complete a mission or kill a mob? Will your BOs always be a lower rank than you, or can they outrank you even though you're in command of the ship?

I play EVE at the moment, and while I dislike the really long timeframe it takes to takes to train any decent skill up, I DO like the fact I don't always have to be on in order to continue that training. I also like how I'm still gaining sp's no matter what I'm doing (like missions, mining, pvp). From what I can glean out of this post, that's probably not going to be the case in STO, where you click "train this skill" and it just goes until it's done. It's by no means a dealbreaker and I'm sure I'm going to end up permanently switching to STO at launch anyway, but if you guys decided to put that feature in you'd get no argument from me!

BTW, congrats on the awards, Cryptic. As if I didn't want to play the game really badly already, but to have confirmation of STO's imminent bum-kickery just makes it that much worse!