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09-16-2009, 08:15 PM
Originally Posted by Arokh72 View Post
Playing NWN2 again, it's good to see a skill system coming along.

To learn new skills or new skill sets would we need to visit a "trainer", like one does WoW for example, to obtain those new skills? In terms of trainer I'm thinking a major starbase or training facility e.g. the Vulcan Science Academy.
Just further to this, I'm thinking something like a holodeck training program could probably do it - it's only available once you reach the rank.

Now to my query:
At Admiral Rank, when I go to do quests or "end game" quests, will I continue to get skill points that I could spend on skills I didn't focus on?
Alternatively, on completing a quest, could there be an option to choose Skill Points over an item reward, e.g. I've completed a big quest, my reward options are: 5 Skill Points OR 1 Transwarp Drive. If I already have a transwarp drive, I could then choose the skill points.