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Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
You misunderstand me, I know how to build a competent science ship (To the point that I had a good patrol escort at my mercy, it was just that the mirror DSSVs lacking DPS took a while to finish the job), I even got a tac in a Vesta to out-DPS PuG tac/scorts using beam arrays (That scared the guy who flew said Vesta).

The point I was making is that the build he gave would not fit all science ships as he said it would, my stance on sci ships is that they are ok and their skills could do with de-nerfing, I don't really want more damage from my sci ships (My eng in a fleet Nova can rip things to shreds with ease) I just want sci powers to do more on their own.
The build won't fit any ship unless you adapt the template to whatever ship you're flying (in my case, a Multi-Mission Strategic Explorer, in your case, a Fleet Science Vessel Retrofit). And if you feel that the Science powers aren't strong enough on their own, that's an issue completely separate from ship builds. That has more to deal with ability balancing.

By the way, nice choice of ship. I always loved the look of the Nova-class.

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