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01-28-2013, 11:01 AM
even if it is a problem with cogent, its still cryptics problem.. if i own a flower shop, and i cant get the flowers someone wants because its held up some where, i still need to make it happen, or i dont get the customer..
now im gonna admit that i dont know a heck of alot about internet providers, mirrors, or companies like cogent..
but i will make an educated guess, that there are more providers other than cogent.. cause if i can log onto rift, and wot, and every other game i own, than that means they are most likely using a different provider..
and if cryptic keeps constantly using a crappy provider in the boston area and elsewhere, well than thats on them..

i have patience if it is something that is a one time thing, or rarely happens, but i get lots of rubber banding, and they keep telling me it is because of where i live and this cogent thing.. (and i cant do anything on my end to really fix that lol)..
this is when my patience runs out..

cryptic, figure out why every other game i play has little to no connection problems, and then do what they are doing..