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01-28-2013, 11:46 AM
If you use a private chat channel there's no chance you can attract other people to the RP in the hopes of expanding the player base.

The problem with reporting the trolls is that I have never seen that do any good. I've reported some of the Dental guys so many times and they always come back pulling the same stuff again, and new ones pop up all the time.

That is the downside of a game that's free to play, it doesn't take any effort to create a new account, fit out a Lieutenant level toon (and in this case I use this word advisedly) and start trolling. There's no way the GMs can be on top of this unless they're actively present and monitoring the situation as it develops.

Also, changing instance is not always possible. I've often received a "no possible maps" error message when I tried. I would assume this is due to not enough people at that particular location at that particular time but I'm not sure about the actual reason.

If, however, players are given the option to completely ignore other players, including visuals, on social maps, nobody would have a reason to complain any more and this form of trolling would disappear.

That would then only leave public queue PvP and PvE mission trolling, really. I don't know what could be done to effectively limit that, but then that's an entirely different topic altogether.

Now, I realise your suggestions are not meant as a cure-all to the problem, they're ways of dealing with the situation in the limited way that is currently possible in the game. My suggestion is meant to eliminate the problem at its core.

Recently, trollers at Drozana station have begun shooting at other players, throwing grenades at them, exploding bombs... basically using all kinds of combat.

Previously this wasn't possible, weapons used to be disabled on social maps such as Drozana. I don't know why this was suddenly doable but it led to an entirely new form of trolling, as with that players could be disrupted away from terminals and even killed, forcing them to respawn.

Personally, I believe anyone who shot at other players at Drozana should be found out in the chat-logs, fined a large amount of in-game currency and banned for a month. Maybe that'll teach them.