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Originally Posted by torsten1009 View Post
Well, a lack of energy-damage could be explained with beam-array overload. It's one powerfull shot, but the rest of your energy-weapons might have not enough power to light up a match.
If you are using overload, try to compensate the powerdrain using emergency-power to weapons or a weapons-battery. Since you are not an Engineer, you can't compensate using EPS-Powertransfer.
Also, it has to do with the ship. Vestas optimally run with three Aux Phaser Cannons, and thus the majority of ship power should be placed in Auxiliary. Also, the boff ability "Emergency Power to Auxiliary" should help greatly in this respect.

Also, please don't run torps on this ship. DPS isn't determined by how many torpedoes you fire, since the rate of fire is so slow.

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