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01-28-2013, 11:54 AM
Originally Posted by kiloace View Post
Its mostly for

1) A change. I've been flying the RSV for a while, I want something new.

2) Flying an escort would mean improving pretty much every aspect of my PvE. Faster grinding, more damage, and a different kind of fun.

I only do PvE anyways, I don't have any ambitions for PvP really.

But I need to know that it means I can be better at grinding, STFs, and the works, because its not the sole ship I'm going to ultimately stick with until the end of time. I'm still aiming for Fleet Science ships to set up and tweak at the end game. I just wanted to know what would help me get there faster.

And I also like the ship.

For grinding and PvE an escort will do more dps therefore you'll kill npcs faster. You won't have too much issues in making a ship switch in that without the PvP aspect you don't need an optimized build to compete against this games premier PvPers.

Your only issue may be survivability but if you modify a PvP build you'll be plenty survivable. Take 2 tac teams, EPTS with 2 damage control doffs, HE and TSS2 or 3, either a RSP or AuxSiF2, you'll be able to tank a tac cube for a period of time. Don't sit still forever in STFs, remember your hull and shields are weaker than a science ship.

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