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09-17-2009, 01:20 AM
Originally Posted by Draconianknight View Post
The single most important question that I have is this. If after spending your skill points and advancing one maybe two rranks. You decide that your current choice of path just isn't working out for you. Will you have the ability to respec. And if so will there be a penalty?
Unless its different than CO (and I find it hard that it will be) Respec's will cost so much that when you realize you might need to do it you will not be able to afford it without grinding for hours to get enough loot dropped off to sell for whatever currency they are using. On the other hand, if the game advances as fast as CO you will be able to max out a character in 2-3 days of straight gaming. Or play one hour a day for the first month and you could be max level too.