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01-28-2013, 12:10 PM
My experience with Plasma has been somewhat...meh...because of HE. 1v1 against somebody, sure - you drop enough Plasma DoTs on them - you can overwhelm them. But with almost everybody having HE they can drop out on your target...they can neutralize that damage pretty easily and render you the guy they all point at...laughing, cold bitter laughter.

Still, against less experienced folks - you can drop a TS out on them - they'll waste their HEs and then you can go to town. PDoTs from Energy Weapons, Torps, Omega, Hyper, Mines, Nadeon Plasma, and EWP. If you've built for it, it will cook them alive while their shields are still mostly full.

Usually though, all those beautiful PDoTs vanish to either the target's HE or somebody else's HE.

I posted a question on a potential build in the stickied PvP ship build thread, looking at ways to try to deal with that HE so that's not the problem that it the problem I'm trying to create.

As is, though, sometimes it's just a case of just watching for their HE cycles - getting in close, dropping your HE cause you know you're going to get hit and then spamming them as close as possible, again knowing you're going to get caught in the splash...but at least your torps will actually get there and you can load them up with PDoTs pretty fast.

Course, if you HE too early - somebody's likely to SNB it off and well, dying to your own PDoTs as they all chain crit is more embarrassing than dying to your own Tric Torps...ahem, or so I've heard.
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