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Originally Posted by miguelister View Post
Actually I am not single. Arrogance is thinking you are something more than you are. I know I am intelligent and quick witted, and don't have to prove it to the likes of you. And if you actually read my original post you could clearly see that my statement was clearly made for those who do not pay for the game. In fact I think even the children you refer to could even see that. That indeed shows your level of comprehension. Why don't you go start a riot or something since you seem to be in the mood for barbaric and petty bickering? Your lack of intelligence is showing... my professional advice is for you to shut up because I am sure many reading these posts are laughing at you. Good day sir...

And they say that in the U.S you're respectful for veterans for providing your peace?

Hmmm - sure you are! In Arduis Fidelis.