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01-28-2013, 12:31 PM
Originally Posted by miguelister View Post
Actually, that was not an implied threat of violence at all. I had erroneously presumed he was one of our own, and at best a conservative (I am a liberal). That's why I had mentioned that the freedom of speech is before the freedom of bearing arms.

I do not discourage legitimate arguments. I simply believe that those who do not pay for the game have no right to criticize the developers for issues related to said free game. Free is never truly free, and the only ones who DO in fact have any legitimate argument are those who have invested real money in said game. Time - while valuable - is not relevant in this case because if your time was really that valuable then you would be wasting it on a game at all.

And I totally agree on Fox News network. Note I never mentioned freedom of the press, because that is relative.... and false.
This is moronic

It's like saying that if I give free toys out that don't pass the safety standards that it's the parents and children own fault if something bad happens.


Regardless of whether of game is "free" or not, a minimum standard of service is expected and required. Just like free food at soup kitchens still needs to be free of harmful bacteria and those providing it are liable if it is not.