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Here's my State of the Fail: January 2013.
I really only cover the last few months and am sure to forget loads of things.
I'm not putting as much effort into this as dstahl.
I meant to say even less effort.

  1. Cryptic messed up its mesh exporter: black polygons everywhere to this day.
  2. The Federation began using Bio-Neural Warheads (sentient, living nukes) for the lulz.
  3. The blatant time & EC drain called "reputation system" was introduced:
    Calculated to take at the very least 1 month, not ****ing matter what. 29,761904761904761904761904761905 days. Calc.exe does not lie.
    Don't forget the "buy 50 Hypos in 2 stacks of 20 and 1 stack of 10 and immediately destroy them by dumping them into a project" part!
  4. Fabricated explosion of Dilithium demand to slow players the eff down. PERIOD.
    You want something?... suuuuure, but refine a weeks worth of Dilithium first - for each individual item.
  5. The FREE Q's Winter Wonderland and its FREE Chel'Grett Warship for absolutely FREE.
    Did I mention it's FREE? FREE! Are you deaf?! FREE!!!
    This kind of talk is so unprofessional, it's laughable... and desperate.
    Now if you say "But we ARE desperate!"; Yes, Cryptic, I know, but you're supposed to keep it to yourself.
  6. While we're talking about despair, right on to the next point:
    Lockboxes & Lobi Crystals!
    Who doesn't love them? .. right: pretty much everybody.
    There's a few people who love them and some more who use them due to self-described "necessity".
    Just create of fork of the game called Lockbox-Online to cater to those people. :-P
  7. Network outtakes and server performance issues.
    The first is happening once again just now, the latter is Star Trek canon, it seems.
    Herpa derpa shubidibu.
  8. Not to forget: "Server not responding"
    Why doth thou reject my blunt advances my beloved serveur?
  9. Nothing got fixed!
    Name one actual issue that was fixed! Issues they created-then-fixed don't count. Only pre-existing issues.
    Damn straight! They don't ever actually fix a thing apart from some quick and dirty damage-prevention.

(The Vet Andoid was fixed by a Dev in her free time. Doesn't count.)

He's dead, Jim.

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