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Pretty much all the original cruisers and sci-ships. The original "free" escorts are still serviceable though, though they're beginning to show their age "age", especially the patrol escort.

Assault Cruiser - Was more or less obsolete when the Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit came out. With the Fleet Assault Cruiser and Fleet Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit, the assault cruiser is a dinosaur and a joke of a DPS cruiser.

Star Cruiser - Made obsolete by the freebie Odyssey and the c-store one.

Galaxy retrofit - Has never been a good ship really, it's saucer separation console being a gimmick with a 5 min cooldown. It's shields and hull are now below cruiser standard and coupled with it's turn rate it's just a big fat target.

Galaxy-X - It was always a hit and miss ship even when it finally got it's fourth rear weapon slot. It's poor turnrate and tactical boff stations make it pretty weak in comparison to the fleet sovereign and fleet excelsior. Yes you can fit the thing with dual heavy cannons, but with single cannons and 2x cannon rapid fire the other two do far more sustained damage. The D'kora and Galor also do a better job as a DPS cruiser.

Deep Space Science Vessel and Recon Science Ship - Were pretty much obsolete with the release of the Long Range Science Vessel Retrofit, but with the release of the Nebula, Atrox, Vesta and all the fleet sci-ships, there's very little reason you'd want to fly the original T5 ships. While it's starting to look a bit old in the tooth compared to the newer ones, the long range science vessel retrofit can still keep up.
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