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01-28-2013, 02:13 PM
Unlike many in this thread I actually like the lock box concept, I think its a really good idea and its definitely got more of my money whilst keeping a smile on my face.

Until this.

I've not stopped opening lockboxes (Im still going through a few cardi and ferengi I had, and will probably get a few more from my fleets bank when they have finished), just I wont be opening the Dominion ones, purely because of this claim.

I have 2 characters, my fed - who I play every day, and my KDF which I've just started up to play for maybe an hour or two on the rare days im online all day.

My Fed makes more dilithium every day than I can refine, WITHOUT ANY GRIND. Basically from my Doffs (whom I have invested heavily in) and STFs/ Dailys which I would play anyway.

In addition to this I have often found if I have gone dil mining (usually for particle traces) the game glitches and I cannot move (or see) the minigame and basically end up with the lowest possible score - 25 dil I think. If the rich claim is done via the same game, theres a good chance I'll end up with nothing.

If I could transfer it to my KDF, great - I'd probably even use her a bit more. But as it is, its worthless.

My suggestion to fix what has already been broken is to at least let us trade the damn things in for lobi.