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01-28-2013, 01:14 PM
Originally Posted by zerobang View Post
6 day work week? does sound fishy to me...
do the Devs get paid for all 6 days? or is this a "we need you to work more for the same price or we can't afford to keep you employed anymore" kind of deal?

what if they do want to keep their 2 day weekend ...i know, i would!
i really do not want to suffer the in-game results from Dev Burn Out Syndrome...
there is too much rushed, glitched, bugged, unfinished, not working as intended and just pure lousy quality content inside STO already (not saying that there is no good stuff here, just that the bad is sometimes overshadowing the good and a bit more quality control, and finishing what you started mindset, would help a lot)
I'm sure the developer positions are salaried. They could be using some kind of bonus pay program though I suppose.