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01-28-2013, 02:10 PM
I have the Guramba in my OPINION

It is one of the best pve ships in the game the javelin really is something else even though its a console behind you don't really realise for a tactical captain it really is deadly

In pvp not so much you can get it to work but it excels in siege mode but in siege mode the turning rate is hindered that much you turn more like a fedcruiser than a destroyer and you find things behind you more than in your cannons

The plus point is if you buy it it's an account unlock so all your alts can use it (kdf)

Overall great fun plus the thing can take some damage where as bops can be a bit flimsy in stfs

Disruptors all round I prefer exchange acc modifiers for pvp

Boffs pretty straight forward you want APB3 for pve or 2 copy's of omega for pvp

Two piece Borg set with fleet adaptive shields(now they've fixed them you don't get twisted at)

Doffs I chose to run 3 conn doffs to reduce evasive manoeuvres countdown and two shield distribution doffs
----=====This is my opinion you don't have to listen and no one else has to read them these "OPINIONS" are based on my exploits and my learning other people will have their opinions and that's fine just don't knock my way of doing things thanks=====----

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