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01-28-2013, 02:27 PM
Actually, here's an official response from PWE billing:
Originally Posted by seralynn View Post
hey guys,

we're really sorry about this problem - we've even temporarily removed PayPal as a payment option from our website until everything is taken care of.

the payments you made between midnight and now were successful, but they aren't being communicated to PWE from PayPal. as a couple of you have mentioned, this isn't specific to PWE and PayPal is understandably overwhelmed with the issue.

if you contact PayPal directly, they are going to say that the payments were successful. because that's the truth; the payments were successful. the payments just aren't reaching us (or any other vendor) with any reliability.

we can't give an ETA when this will be fixed, because it all depends on PayPal. once they do fix it, the payments should all award ZEN.

if you missed a sale or don't want the ZEN at that point, please feel free to let us know and we'll issue refunds. we don't want to issue refunds until everything is fixed, however, because we don't want there to be any extra problems or crossed signals.

thanks for being patient and understanding, and hopefully this will be all taken care of soon.

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