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After going thru the class and thinking about it (20-20 hindsight) here are the things I'd suggest doing more of (2 points).

---Point 1: Reinforce the key 3 messages. What are the 3 things you want everyone to walk away with. Today you will learn these things, don't forget them, etc. etc. (example: 1. identify your build objectives, 2. don't be afraid to test and test more, 3. out of class resources - use them.)

---Point 2: After the know your skills and ship part. Maybe this is in Section C, but put a break down of Me, Team, Enemy where you focus a little on each.

Me = the stuff we talked about - what skills, skill points, consoles, weapons.

Team = what to expect from and to give to a sister ship (Escort, Science). Ex: I expect to get tactical team from escort. I expect science to save SNB for xyz...

Enemy = I will focus on this target first. I will combat Science ships this way... I expect escorts to do this so I will prepare with abc...

My thinking here is that there are 2 sides to the coin. Although i'm not necessarily new to PVP (be it less active) I very much like the strategy discussion of it. I feel many know the basics and time can be reused to focus on how to apply the basics. The way you could maybe do this is to have the second coach be from an opposite class (tactical) and color comment give the tactical view as the main coach is presenting.

For Students:
1. Be on time and come on early.
2. Prepare 1-2 questions you want to ask.
3. Thank your coaches often.

Thank you Coaches!!!!
Will definitely take that on board.

I think the googledocs I linked the group should keep you going until the team based pvp mentoring sessions are inked in.

For those of you who want a link to those Docs:

Team PVP Basics

Basic / Premade Team Strategies
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