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# 1 Crypitc-Please Retcon us
01-28-2013, 02:46 PM
I don't know how much of this is Perpetual Entertainment's original ideas or Cryptic, but the game is a mess. We have more admirals flying around than captains. The Federation is at war with EVERYBODY. Strange new worlds are nowhere to be seen as the Federation is now on permanent war footing building more Warships than anything else. So many early missions are so badly written that we're left asking the bad guy what we should do. PVP is a mess. The themes of redemption, discovery and cooperation are out the window. Everything is out of whack. So in the spirit of Star Trek itself - Retcon us.
Just use an upcoming season to fix all this. Get the story straight. Figure out where you want to go. Then go back and tweak existing missions and story-lines. Hell, get Will Wheaton to do some voice work for a mission called "The Many Deaths of Wesley Crusher" where Wesley Crusher breaks time and we have to help him fix it, there by changing the story so far slightly.And with any and all solutions ending in a horrible random death for Wesley. Please ,something, your just painting yourselves into corners that are getting harder to get out of. I'm not asking for a new game, just that the game I'm playing make some kind of sense within the Star Trek universe.
You have one of the greatest resources at your finger tips- the Star Trek fan-base and the foundry. Use them to get the stories polished and streamlined. Star Trek Online still has the potential to be a GREAT MMO. Right now it's a mess. Let us help make it better.