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01-28-2013, 02:47 PM
Weapons: exactly, just make sure you run disruptors.

Boffs, I'd suggest something along the lines of:

Tac: Tac team 1, Cannon rapid fire 1, Cannon rapid fire 2, Attack pattern beta 3
Tac: Tac team 1, Torpedo high yield 2, Attack pattern omega 2
Sci: Tractor beam, Hazard emitters 2
Eng: Emergency power to shields 1, Reverse shield polarity 1
Eng: Emergency power to shields 1

Have the second tac trained to attack pattern omega 3 in the commander slot, so you can just switch them for pvp.

General usage: cycle epts1's, tractor beam foe in place, then pound it with rapid fire/torp/javelin at will, with the attack patterns boosting your damage.