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Ok, let me try this again, here.

Used to PvP PUG all the time with my Tac Captain Main exclusively on Raptors (I was trying to learn if I could use my Feddie's T5 Defiant in PvP, and never left) - its how I leveled. I had an odd habit of mounting a rear array with TES3 to make up for the turn issues my Raptors had. Stopped a little after getting to 50. I'm just about done collecting everything from PvE/STFs, so I'm considering starting to queue up in PvP again. Up until the Temporal box I was still in a Fleet Qin, been STFing in a Krenn w a Tipler console since.

I'm interested in Peghqu' builds. I've already been bluntly told my PvE methods wont fly here, so I'm (humbly) looking for a clean slate approach.

I have access to just about everything at this point, including all STF sets, most universal consoles, and a banked set of Advanced Fleet disruptor weapons and matching Mk XII consoles.

So what works?

What are the pitfalls of this ship?

Is the Dynamic Tactical console cheesy, or worth the loss of a console slot on a 9-console ship?

Or should I just go back to my Fleet Qin and try to make it dance?
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