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01-28-2013, 03:51 PM
Disruptors along with anti proton provide the best dps

Disruptor consoles also provide a boost to the javelin

Kdf were born to use disruptors weren't they??!!??

I run in siege mode whenever the situation allows me which in pve is all the time in pvp it is a bit more situational(cruisers,carriers, inexperienced escort flyers)

In siege mode you get a damage boost and a shield boost

The javelin again situational but it will crit for 150k which will down most escorts if it lands that is sometimes the boost from siege mode is better to have

In stfs I normally use it when say a cube is at 50-60% as it disables all your abilitys for 2seconds but again sometimes the drain from weapons and extras you get in siege mode is better to have
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