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01-28-2013, 04:01 PM
Well I did some retooling and went with a acc x2 Crth loadout and some crit mod consoles (Borg, temporal) and took my bug to Kerrat and started doing the same as he was to me. I would hit TT2, attack patter alpha, go down fighting and attack pattern delta, or beta or omega (withever was not on cooldown) and I was ripping through shields and hull pretty good. I also tried the 2 new Jem consoles and havent decided what I like better. As far as my spec's go I have nothing in the red (no more that 6 levels in anything) so I am able to have 6 levels in the commander level Wepons Spec and Armor ect, Aux power. Its is a very balanced spec in Tac and Eng, I have flow cap at 6 levels and shield skills at 6, but left most of the higher Sci skills low. I dont use gravity well or tractor beams or drain abilities. I have 6 levels in attack patters and Manuevers, and all hull and shield, power skills at 6. I have been wordering if going into the red on the lower Wep skills is worth it. Or going into the red on hull and shield or warp core. I noticed the diminishing returns when going into the red. I figured the points would be better spent on the commander level skills. Feedback?