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01-28-2013, 04:34 PM
Originally Posted by jelly0 View Post
Since I have been unable to play the game today I have been messing around on the skill planner thing. How much of a disaster is this ? hehe

Don't plan on doing much ground stuff outside of the story.
Um ouch. And not in a good way. Most of the stuff you pushed into the red, really just put 6 points into it, rarely does that extra 3 do much except for a few specific builds on a few specific skills. In some cases even less, like the two Starship Weapon Specialization skills, you've got almost no reason to be putting any points beyond maybe 3 into them, let alone 9, and thats a lot of XP that can be much better spent elsewhere. And then you have no points in important skills like starship maneuvers, starship targeting, or impulse thrusters. You have no points in Graviton Generators, but in STFs Gravity Well 3 is the best weapon a science ship can bring to the fight (and even Gravity Well 1 is extremely useful). You have no points in Subspace Decompiler, which limits the effectiveness of your Viral Matrix. You have no points in Auxiliary Performance, which on a science ship is just as important as weapons power as it affects the damage of your science attacks and the effectiveness of your heals. You've got way too many points tied up in shielding, to the point it looks like you're trying to build to a level where you're unkillable, but at the price of being ineffective. If you want to be a gunship, fly an escort. If you want to be a tank/healer, fly a cruiser. This is......yikes.

On the ground, I know you don't care much and I certainly sympathize, but you do have to run ground missions sometimes and you're giving up a lot with that layout. Combat Armor is expensive and doesn't do much. Conversely, just 3 points added into Scientist, Logistics, and Willpower will help with your debuffs and somewhat resist the annoying stunlocks of endgame enemies like Breen and Tholians. And if you want to self-train in Science Team 3, you need 6 points in Particle Physics (despite it being an expensive and limited use skill) or find someone else to train you.

I don't mean to be overly negative or seem like a personal attack (despite that i've said nothing positive), so don't take this the wrong way. Its just that you've overspecialized into the basic stuff so heavily that you've really really limited yourself outside of anything other than those basics. How about post your build as it is right now, and I'm sure people will have ideas about what can be done to even things out with the points you have left rather than have to buy a respec token.