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01-28-2013, 04:41 PM
*Gyunei comes to the for front on the chaos in front of Shield with a captured Director Chester beaten badly.*

Gyunei: I condemn the work of idiocy and action on these two. *The captured lunatics from the video beaten clearly.* As should the Galactic Community. But do know that this chaos is but a precursor to what is to come.. True freedom.. True justice. For the people and by the people. Change is unavoidable it is the means for things to survive. For things to change sometimes things must be broken for them to see and for them to learn. True unity.

I give the people the very ones that have manipulated the people. Lapir's box does exist but not in the hands of these fools.. But to find it is a measure of one's heart and soul.

It does show the truth of the centuries before and those secrets kept by all governments.

Now to show I mean every word.

*2 Klingons come forth *

These 2 shall die for their hand in the manipulation of the people. Of the Klingons.. Of every soul that exists.

*With a sway of the hand the Klingons hack the two SHIELD agents' heads off in one swipe. *

*As the transmission ends.*

*GYunei turns to Chester*

Gyunei: Do you feel in charge now Director?

*Chester's eyes show fear*

Gyunei: *Grabs chester's face and you hear a sickening crack as he falls dead.*

Terezan: We found something of note.. It explains the details of Artificial Newtype experimentation, of cloning, and of something disturbing.. Looks like SHIELD isn't clean..

Gyunei: Of course not. Did you think they were?

Terezan: Kidnapping people.. Citizens of other governments Klingon and Romulan, and Republic as well.

The republic had theirs as well done through their own channels and with some of the same people. This has been verified, thoroughly sir. It appears a certain name comes on the list as well. Preston as a subject name. Out of the Everlast project.

Gyunei: *Smiles and takes the padd.* Destroy this place after ransacking it kill the rest. and be thorough Terezan. We have Sv'ak in holding as well speak.

*inserts the feed but omits the last bit about Preston to FNN. With Signatures of Past Federation presidents and Republic Presidents as well as well as actual missing persons all over the galaxy. Scientists and citizens. And Jane and John Does found in ditches never to be identified.*

Gyunei: I will deal with you later Admiral..