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01-28-2013, 05:11 PM
I can comfirm this. if you buy the multi vector advanced escort in the c-ztore the fleet advanced escort is only 1 fleet ship module.

If you are looking for a new ship for new kinds of fun then I have to say this is it.
for example:
tractor beam 3
mask energy signature 3
energy syphon 2
viral matrix 1
science team 3
hazerd emitters 3
transfer shield strength 3
tachyon beam 3

are examples of what will fit in the lieutenant commander science bridge officer station. these abilities allow you to either help with crowd control more, have more survivability, be more of a team player with more healing abilities, or even make a stealth approach.

in addition to the awesome abilities above you get the multi vector assault module, Which allows you to choose between the three sections of the ship to fly.

alpha - saucer
beta - upper nacelles
gamma - lower nacelles with deflector

I have flown this same ship since I found I could buy it.
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