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Diadect: the vanguard will be deployed at the proper time. You know when they should be deployed. The vanguard is yours to command for now. Spread destruction and start a war. Then we will rise and create a galactic empire.
*Bajor riots continue and spread to DS9 over the limited support of the Federation. Soon Gunmen of Bajoran, Romulan, and some Klingons storm the government facilities and holy places. They announce that Romulus is going to assist the Bajoran people with help of the Klingon Empire in restoring Bajor to her proper place. They then begin to execute the officials and holy people out right. The rioters begin to cheer when Federation personnel soon find themselves in the streets being stoned and beaten. *

Ravno: *standing on the rubble* Bajor!!! Here we denounce the Federation!! We take what we desire. What the people of Bajor need is to become one with no one! The Prophets have told us this! Now we must act.!

We welcome our Romulan friends.

*FNN is going nuts as the people all around the Galaxy begin to clamor for the heads of their leaders! Riots break out all over the Galaxy especially on Romulus as Vala's power is weakening. The Republic's current administration is beginning to feel the heat as the Romulan Military begins to resume its attacks. Klingon raids hit all sides. The Federation starts reenforcing the borders. Qo'nos' violence and violence gets worse all over the Klingon Empire as the Governors have a hard time keeping things quiet.*