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01-28-2013, 07:45 PM
Originally Posted by corgatag View Post
In terms of getting a string of bad luck, I sympathize, but it's a real part of almost all games.

In terms of advertising, it would be nice if Cryptic actually posted probabilities, but they are not legally bound to do so and it's not in their business interests to do so. Also, users would still be unhappy because the math is a bit tricky.

Suppose the probability of getting a lockbox ship was announced to be 0.5% (1/200). Most people would just turn that upside down and assume that they only needed to spend $200 to get one. However, in actuality, there is a whopping 37% (.995^200) chance you will get 0 ships for that $200.

I think, in the end, the fact that you can just buy ships for Lobi was a decent answer. There is an upper bound of $360 you'd have to spend to get a Dreadnaught Carrier (less if there is a Zen/Key sale).

In either case, I'm also risk averse, so I will always choose the EC route.
Agreed risk is a factor when gaming and hoping for drops
But when your talking about spending that amount of money and not getting is just greedy on there part it shouldent be possible to spend that amount and not get one

It should be capped or somthing say the max u can open without getting at least 1 of ALL rewards is $80 worth or somthing

Im heavily pi**ed off about this and I honestly cant see me buying another key or anything from the store ever again

Its not the money now its the fact im disgusted that they would allow this to happen
my opinion of the company has just hit rock bottom if im honest.