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Originally Posted by amosov78 View Post
You mean TNG, DS9 and Voyager. Since all versions of the Nebula-class; the original "Phoenix" model, the updated "Sutherland" model, and the CGI Galaxy-class based "Bonchune" model all omit the impulse grille.

It seems highly suspicious that all three variants don't have the normal impulse glow, especially since the CGI version was built out of the CGI Galaxy-class made for Generations. It seems really odd that they forgot it each time a new Nebula model was produced.

Star Trek staff illustrator and technical consultant Rick Sternbach, who refined the second Nebula-class shooting model, mentioned over on Doug Drexler's blog a possible reason for the lack of visible impulse ports:

Yes, I've seen that very post before you posted it. That begs the question, why doesn't the Galaxy-class saucer impulse engines do the same thing - cover the exhaust vents? Or the other newer ships produced during and after the Nebula-class, why don't they have their own "stealth mode"? Surely it would benefit the Defiant-class, of all ships.

It just doesn't follow canon. Rather than question ALL the ships after the Nebula-class "no-vents" configuration, we should just place the Nebula in its own category of "Whoops! The VFX people forgot!".

Anyways, like kirahitomi said, this thread is about the Steamrunner, not the Nebula-class. Back to the Steamrunner...

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