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The diadact soon appears on mo.itors throughout the quadrant. He is in a dark orange and black armored suit.

Dialect: people of the quadrant. Your govt has lied to you kept secrets from you and gone behind you back. Throw off there yoke. And become part of a grand empire. That will span the cosmos. Equality and the truth are yours. Join me and my men. And the galaxy and all its wonders can be yours.

The image ends and the simble of the diadact remains.
Gyunei:*comes to the screen* We are your guiding light. Do you want people that have lied to you, kidnapped you, experimented on you, and made you begging for scraps. Putting your friends in prison for next to nothing but disagreeing with them.

*Shows the prison of Rura Penthe, the doors opening with the prisoners getting out chanting going on as they chant Plaguis' name. In a strange tongue. *

You don't have to accept it.. You can tell them NO!

These people are CORRUPT!!! Do you wish to live under the heel of the CORRUPT IDOLS!! Our revolution is showing the people that the status quo has not progressed. Bajor has shown their will and we applaud them for this. Welcome the beginning of a new era.. a new Epoch.