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01-28-2013, 08:28 PM
Originally Posted by kiloace View Post
I haven't even come close to a "bad" stf, seeing all these stories, but there are moments.

> Science flying a RSV in Infected Elite, fighting the Tac Cube and desperately trying to live, I finally look around for my support - 4 Odysseys with rainbow beams shooting the gate. I had had it, and we were already past the optional because abhorrable DPS and disregarding the 10% rule. I Evasived into them, the Cube followed. Killed 2 before the other 2 decided to rethink their priority targets.

....I'm such a good teammate.
I think I played with those guys...back when the game worked
Ah, the memories

I did run into some guy trash talking the other players on Cure...NORMAL.
Not Elite...NORMAL.

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